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January 16, 2018
God Bless America
county use. The Excise Board approved the budget on totals for each expenditure
category for each office/department. Salaries and benefits were not approved
based on line item requests which would have identified the salary requested for
each individual officer and employment position according to the report.
 A review of minutes of the Board of County Commissioners meetings from
July 1, 2008 through August 31, 2018 found no Board action addressing the sala-
ries for county officials until August 20, 2018.
 Interviews with current and past County Commissioners revealed that the
Board did not formally set the salaries for the county officials by action of the
Board, nor did anyone perform the calculations to determine the maximum salary
amounts allowed by the state.
 In the August 20, 2018 County Commissioners meeting, a resolution was
passed setting the elected officials’ salary to $62,275 to conform with state re-
 At the Excise Board meeting held August 26, 2008, The Grady County As-
sistant District Attorney stated that after reviewing the statutes and speaking with
the State Auditor and Inspector’s Office, safety bonuses and salary increase would
only be allowed for employees.
 However, the report states that a salary increase of 18% was approved for em-
ployees and was also given to the county officials. No documentation showed that
the Board of County Commissioners approved the raises for the county officials
other than the approval of the budget request for the Estimate of Needs.
 In subsequent years, the county officials continued to receive the raises ap-
proved by the Excise Board for employees.
 In 2008 the amount of the increase was 18% which amounted to an annual
increase of $8,791.80 according to the report. Following years showed a $444
increase in 2009; $2,962.68 in 2012; $3,140.88 in 2013; $3,337.92 in 2014;
$3,534.72 in 2015; $1,890.72 in 2016; and $1,577.88 in 2017.
 The raises given to the county officials that were based on the increase in ad va-
lorem valuations were given in January of each year. The above mentioned across
the board raises given to employees effective July of each year were also added to
the salaries of the county officials. This caused the salaries for the county officials
to exceed the maximum allowed by state statutes.
 In fiscal year 2008, county officers salary was set at $48,533.24. This was
$7,541.76 less than the maximum allowed by state statutes. However, from fiscal
year 2009 to 2018, salaries ranged from $1,410.04 more than the annual salary
allowed to $20,073.80 more than allowed. The most the officials should have
received in 2018 would have been $60,775.00, however the elected officials re-
ceived $80,848.80 according to the findings of the State Auditor.
 The report shows that some officials were over paid as much as $90,959.80 in
the past ten years.
 It has not been determined at this time as to what action if any is taken regard-
ing re-payment of the funds that were overpaid to the elected county officials.
Voter Deadline for Area School Elections
 Friday, January 18, 2019 is the last day to apply for voter registration in order
to be eligible for the February 12, 2019 school elections for Chickasha, Amber-
Pocasset, Ninnekah, Dibble, Lindsay, and Newcastle schools.
 Grady County Election Board Secretary Susan Turner said that persons who are
United States citizens, residents of Oklahoma, and at least 18 years old may apply
to become registered voters.
 Persons who have never been registered to vote before or who are registered
but need to change their registration information may apply to change name,
address, or political affiliation by filling out and mailing an Oklahoma Voter
Registration Application form in time for it to be postmarked no later than
midnight, Friday, January 18, 2019.
 Turner said applications postmarked after that time still will be accepted and
processed, but the applications will not be approved until after the February 12,
2019 election.
 The County Election Board responds in writing to every person who submits
an application for voter registration. The response is either a Voter Identification
Card listing the new voter’s precinct number and polling place or a letter that
explains the reason or reasons the application for voter registration was not
approved. Turner said that any person who has submitted a voter registration
application and has not received a response within 30 days should contact the
County Election Board office.
 Oklahoma Voter Registration Application forms are available at the County
Election Board office located in the District Attorney complex, 307 W.
Pennsylvania Ave. in Chickasha and at all post offices, public libraries, and tag
agencies in the county. The form may also be downloaded from the Oklahoma
State Election Board website:
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CCT cast set for Mary Poppins, Jr.
The Chickasha Community Theatre announced has listed the cast for the
March 7-10 production of the Disney and Cameron MacKintosh classic Mary
Poppins, Jr.
 The cast includes Lexi Hendricks, Emma McClure, Samuel Ellis, Caleb
Townley, Serena Green, Matthew Ellis, Hayden Fergason, Tim Hammons,
Analiese Bolton*, Taryn Shadoan*, Peyton Ward*, Emma Chaney*, Dakota
Strand*, Haley McCurley*, Eden James*, and Tylene Cobarrubio*. (Names
marked with an asterisk will also be included in the chorus.)
 The chorus performers are Caleb Strand, Mesa Payne, Savannah Finck,
Madilynn Legare, Miriam Ellis, Sarah Jones, and Kat Fogle.
Community Theatre
is celebrating 25 years
of production and has
also announced the
schedule for other 2019
performances. The
Lion King, Jr. is set for
July 25-28 and August
1-4, The Red Velvet
Cake War will be
performed September
26-29, and Godspell is
set for December 5-8,
 For more
information, call (405)
639-6111 or visit
Chickasha Community
Theatre via Facebook.
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 “This company is a perfect fit for the mission of the Davis-Waldorf Performing
Arts Series,” said Katie Davis, professor of theatre arts and series coordinator.
“They are professional teaching artists. Their school offers classes to dancers
of all ages and levels of experience and stands alone as mid-Missouri’s only
not-for-profit ballet school and the only school to offer instruction exclusively
from professional dancers. Off the stage and beyond the school, MCB serves
the community through educational outreach programs that promote creativity,
fitness and build an appreciation for the arts. Programs are designed inclusively to
introduce more people to the artform of contemporary ballet.”
 Founded in 2006 by Karen Mareck Grundy, the company’s artistic and
executive director, MCB has since grown from a handful of dancers and annual
performances to a multi-level operation with members, apprentices and trainees,
as well as a not-for-profit school and numerous outreach programs. Local patrons
volunteered their time, money and resources to help build the company from the
ground up. In 2015, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary and became a
partner of the University of Missouri Concert Series.
 For more information, contact Davis at 405-574-1310 or
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