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August 15, 2018
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Chickasha Fightin’ Chicks Football
Aug. 31 7:00 Marlow
Sep. 7 7:00 @ Harrah
Sep. 14 7:00 El Reno
Sep. 21 7:00 Elk City
Sep. 28 7:00 @ Cache
Oct. 5 7:00 Newcastle (Homecoming)
Oct. 12 7:00 @ Weatherford
Oct. 18 7:00 Elgin
Oct. 26 7:00 @ Clinton
Nov. 2 7:00 Anadarko (Sr. Night)
Anadarko Warriors Football
Aug. 24 7:00 Harrah
Aug. 31 7:00 Lexington
Sep. 7 7:30 @ Blanchard
Sep. 21 7:00 Cache
Sep. 28 7:00 @ Newcastle
Oct. 5 7:00 Weatherford
Oct. 12 7:30 @ Elgin
Oct. 18 7:00 Clinton
Oct. 26 7:30 @ Elk City
Nov. 2 7:00 @ Chickasha
Rush Springs Redskins Football
Aug. 24 7:00 @ Konawa
Sep. 7 7:00 Hollis
Sep. 14 7:00 @ OKC Patriots
Sep. 21 7:00 @ Velma-Alma
Sep. 28 7:00 Dibble
Oct. 5 7:00 Elmore City
Oct. 12 7:00 @ Apache
Oct. 18 7:00 Ringling
Oct. 26 7:00 @ Walters
Nov. 2 7:00 Healdton
Minco Bulldogs Football
Aug. 24 7:00 Wynnewood
Aug. 31 7:00 @ Dibble
Sep. 7 7:00 Crossings Christian (Homecoming)
Sep. 14 7:00 @ OCA
Sep. 28 7:00 @ Watonga
Oct. 5 7:00 @ Northeast
Oct. 12 7:00 Crescent
Oct. 18 7:00 @ Christian Heritage
Oct. 26 7:00 Wellston
Nov. 2 7:00 Cashion (Sr. Night)
Alex Longhorns Football
Aug. 31 7:30 Laverne
Sep. 7 7:30 Central High
Sep. 14 7:30 @ Davenport
Sep. 21 7:30 @ Destiny Christian
Sep. 28 7:30 Empire (Homecoming)
Oct. 5 7:00 @ Snyder
Oct. 12 7:00 Geary
Oct. 18 7:00 Carnegie (Sr. Night)
Oct. 26 7:00 @ Cyril
Nov. 2 7:00 @ Burns Flat
2018 Schedule
Wizards of Oz
 The City of Chickasha occasionally brings in outside consultants to perform studies etc. that are sometimes
looked at by the citizens there with a bit of doubt. The “Wizards” that city hires for various tasks are apparently
expected to make all of their problems go away in a flash of light and a puff of smoke, but sometimes it doesn’t
go as planned and taxpayers money evaporates in that flash of light and puff of smoke with few visible results.
 In the July 2nd meeting of the Chickasha City Council a specialist accounting firm presented a Financial
Statement analysis for the council there for the City of Chickasha (fiscal year ending on June 30, 2017). It was
more or less a similar report to the 29 pages that were presented in the prior year (with updated numbers) and
was dumped in the Councilmen’s laps without them having any time to review it prior to the meeting. Some of
these men probably don’t deal with the jargon in complicated financial documents on a daily basis and this may
have been quite unfair to them to ask for comments and questions on this presentation in real time.  
 The analysis was well done and quite a useful document if a person wanted to go see investment bankers
about a bond issue, but it seemed to miss the mark if you were expecting a report that indicated progress toward
converting the accounting system from a cash basis to the accrual basis and fixing problems that we have heard
about in a prior audit. The good thing in the report is that this city is not in debt like some other cities are. It also
said financial ratios hadn’t changed much, and passing verbal comments were made by the presenter that things
regarding accounting fixes were still in the works – without any details. While it isn’t time to give up yet, it is
a disappointment after one years worth of work to not see more about fixing problems. (If this type of report is
needed in the future - maybe a local accounting firm could fill in the blanks on a similar 29 pages for a lot less
 The report was prepared from data more than a year old and could be sort of like driving down the highway
looking in the rear view mirror from the perspective of interested citizens. Hopefully some indication of pro-
gress in fixing problems and converting the accounting system will be discussed in the near future to assure us
that things are smoothing out there. The Finance Department in that city got a black eye after the last audit and
needs to be working diligently to get back in good favor with the auditors.
 That city has recently hired a new person in the Administration department there to cover several bases that
include the financial area - they apparently are no longer searching for a dedicated Finance Director. The citi-
zens there will have to watch and see how this works out and hopefully some progress will be made with the
added help. This person could keep track of utility rates and recommend minor changes over time to account for
inflation without any big jumps. That person that could also examine the budget and find any overstated requests
tucked away in the corners of a maze of numbers (that may need a lot of improvement). Budget summary infor-
mation should be provided to the both council members and citizens (with percentage increases or decreases for
the departments contained in that budget) to increase transparency and confidence. Hopefully the new person
hired will help hold each department Director accountable for functioning within their budget and performing
their work efficiently and in a timely manner. We will have to wait and see, but a really good finance person can
spot duplications and inefficient spending and often will save more money each year than they are paid in salary.
Well worth the money spent IF that person has the right skills AND experience. Maybe, we would hear fewer
remarks by city officials there about getting more revenue by raising taxes/fees. The right changes should help
them get back down to basics so that the store is watched even more carefully. Many taxpayers are hopeful that
the elected officials there weren’t off to see the Wizard of OZ again and they want to see the curtains pulled back
on real improvements instead of a flash of light and a puff of smoke.
with dwain sehon
The comments and subject matter expressed in Dwain Sehon’s Grady-Ville column is that of his own
choosing and opinion. You can contact Dwain at
with dwain sehon
The comments and subject matter expressed in Dwain Sehon’s
Grady-Ville column is that of his own choosing and opinion. You
can contact Dwain at Gradyville
Pew Survey: Americans Pray More than Citi-
zens of Any Other Wealthy Nation
 The U.S. beats out every other wealthy nation in
church-goers, but even two-thirds of Americans who
do not attend church regularly say it is not from lack
of belief, according to a new Pew Research study.
 Of those who do not go to church more than a
few times a year, only 28 percent say it is because
they are not believers. Two-thirds of that group cited
other reasons for their decision not to attend religious
services more frequently. The biggest portion, 37 per-
cent, say they practice their faith in other ways, and
another 23 percent say they have not found a church
they like.
 Of Americans who gave reasons other than non-
belief for avoiding regular church services, the vast
majority, 91 percent, are Christian. Those who avoid
religious services because of lack of belief tend to be
younger, male, highly-educated, and Democrats.  
 About three-fourths of those who say they lean
Democratic told Pew that they do not attend church
services because they do not believe.
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