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December 12, 2018
We Believe in Oklahoma
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Downtown Chickasha @ 118 North 5th
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1227 S. 4th • Chickasha
Kyle McComas
More Than a Flooring Store
Carpet • Tile • Kitchen • Bath • Windows • Siding
Toni Morrison
“.... what a four-year dose of liberal
education was designed to do: unfit her
for 80% of useful work in the world.” Toni
Morrison (American novelist, editor, and
Professor Emeritus at Princeton University)
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CHS Drumline presents “Grinched”at CMS Auditorium
 Chickasha High School Drumline will present “Grinched” at the Chickasha
Middle School Auditorium, 1000 S. 9th Street, on Thurs., Dec. 20 and Fri., Dec.
21. Both shows start at 7 p.m.
 Come see members of the Chickasha High School Drumline perform their
production of “Grinched” based on the 1957 Dr. Seuss classic, “How The Grinch
Stole Christmas!”. “Grinched” is directed and produced by Percussion Director
Desmond Taylor.
 Admission is free and free pictures with Santa will be available.
CAAC Consignment Gift Store Open, Sat., Dec. 15
 The Chickasha Area Arts Council (CAAC) is excited to announce that its new
consignment Gift Store, located in the CAAC at 1301 S. 7 Street, will be open on
Saturday, December 15 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
 The CAAC invites artists, authors, crafters and others who have unique and
special items to sell and those who are interested in becoming a CAAC Gift Store
vendor, to contact Sue at
, or call (405) 905-2350 or
(405) 274-7547.
 A current CAAC membership is required to become a CAAC Gift Store Ven-
dor. Memberships for 2019 are now being accepted and forms may be obtained at
1301 S. 7th Street or by contacting CAAC.
1927 S.6th Chickasha
Tue - Sat 7am - 6pm
Amy’s Dog
All Breed Dog
Grooming & Boarding
from Amy’s
No Appointment
2210 16th Street
Owner. Tim Reynolds
Broker. Paul Powell
Our Properties are Selling. Can We List yours???
Callie Wyatt
Carolyn Orr
Call 405-224-4298
Malissa Johnson
1804 S. 8th (5 Lots)
$ 49,900
969 CR 1435 - Ninn.
3/1 $123,900
410 Country Club
114x210 $250,000
2120 West Grand
3 / 2.5 $149,000
• $123,900 969 CR 1435, 3/1
Ninn. 1.110
• $99,500 1902 S. 21st 3/2
• $49,900 1027 S. 5th 3/1
• $52,900 2026 s 20th 2/1
• $26,000 S. 16th 4 Ac.
• $74,500 S. 16th 11.5 Ac.
• $85,000 S. 16th 5 Ac.
w/ workshop
• $175,000 CR 1340 50 ac
• $40,000
Corner/Pondridge & Fieldcrest
• $250,000
410 Country Club 114x210 Com. Lot
Pondridge & Fieldcrest
$ 40,000
Nice Corner Lot
• $69,950 638 Old Hwy 81
, 3/1 1/2,
• $126,900 886 cr 1590 3/2 1 ac
R. Springs
• $149,000 2120 W Grand 3/2.5
• $80,000 1353 Cox City Rd.
R. Springs
• $ 49,900 1804 S. 8th (5 Lots)
• $73,400 S. 16th 3.20 Ac.
w/ workshop
• $61,750 S. 16th 9.5 Ac.
• $50,000 S. 16th 5 Ac.
• $425,000 92 & Hwy 62 E. 25 Ac.
•$129,900 2705 Ponderosa
Bldg. 1,200 Sq.Ft.
Hwy 92 & 62
Appr 25 Ac
$ 425,000
with dwain sehon
The comments and subject matter expressed in Dwain Sehon’s
Grady-Ville column is that of his own choosing and opinion. You
can contact Dwain at Gradyville
A Happy Ending !
At Christmas time there are many classic films that show how various villains
can’t overcome the happiness of the season. In spite of the Home Alone Bandits,
the Grinch, Scut Farkus, Scrooge and Mr. Potter everything turns out well and
there is a “Happy Ending”. The Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” has the
character George Bailey who runs a small “Building and Loan”. I always cheer
for George Bailey who fights the villain Mr. Potter (that wants to push everyone
but his own acolytes to the side and change the name of the town to Pottersville)
and the “Home Alone” kid (Kevin McCallister) that outsmarts the local villains in
a comical way at every turn. In the process of telling the story about George Bai-
ley the writers point out that the ordinary people are the backbone of the Bedford
Falls community and make it a good place to work, raise a family, and live out the
American dream. The films were many decades apart and sometimes show how
times have changed, but in both films the good guys win in the end.
 Since the time of the original George Bailey character, our smaller brick and
mortar businesses found on main streets and business sections of towns and cities
throughout America are in need of help. Excessive regulation from all levels of
government have taken a toll and local governments sometimes tilt the playing
field when they should be the ones trying to level it. Small businesses already
face enough challenges from outside our area without local officials and Mr.
Potter types piling on too! Elected officials need to give a few bureaucrats one-
way ratchet wrenches for Christmas that will only loosen the bolts on excessive
regulation - so rules that are not reasonable in practice get changed. Listening
and encouraging our small business operators (that have been shown to provide
the majority of new jobs in our country) would wisely promote a happy ending
for everyone. Our elected officials could also try outsmarting the villains (like the
Home Alone kid) breaking in at the State Capitol and our local City Halls that are
always trying to grab taxpayer money for their own benefit. It would be a lot of
fun to see a few of them to get a hotfoot or a headache from Kevin McCallister,
but I am sure the taxpayers would rather see lower tax bills instead.
 It is a great Christmas present to see a more positive environment in downtown
Chickasha that adding lights across Chickasha Avenue and a Christmas tree at the
end of the street has accomplished. This is helping to restore some of the Christ-
mas Spirit to the downtown Chickasha area - that was slowly creeping towards
resembling Pottersville. To avoid jokes about the need to put out goats on the
vacant lots on Main Streets officials will need to work hard and be more attentive
to all inputs (and not retaliate like petty ignorant people when they hear something
unpleasant). Hopefully a few will keep on working hard to create the environ-
ment that will turn those empty downtown lots into new local businesses that
everyone will enjoy shopping and being entertained in. If that small flame that
has been started by putting those Christmas lights in can be fanned into a warm
Christmas fire of positive changes all over the city - who knows? We may see the
creation of more good jobs and locally owned small businesses that will be there
to support schools, churches and the activities that your kids will enjoy during the
holidays for many years to come.
 Just like Bedford Falls in the old film we can have a “Happy Ending” to our
own Christmas story
“God has given
each of you some
special abilities;
be sure to use them
to help each other,
passing on to oth-
ers God’s many
kinds of of bless-
1 Peter 4:10 (TLB)
Say it again
to yourself:
“I am
1,2,3,4 6,7,8
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